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I am a Certified Web Designer, Digital Marketing & SEO consultant in Bangladesh . Since March 2015, I've been working as an internet marketing consultant for my clients. Are you looking for a web designer with experience in search engine optimization and marketing? You've come to the correct place. I am ready to provide you with my high-quality SEO services, which include Google Penalty Recovery for Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and all other recent Google upgrades. I'm also aware of Google's recent deindexation of PBNs. Furthermore, none of my websites have been penalized by Google.

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Some information about me

Since 2015, Shakil Ahmmed has dedicated his expertise to serving businesses in the field of SEO. Over the course of nearly two decades, i am honed my skills and amassed unparalleled knowledge. Leveraging my proficiency in SEO, I am actively supporting both small and large enterprises across various sectors.


Why Hiring me an SEO Consultant is a Smart Investment

For many years, I have been providing SEO services in Bangladesh, using a wealth of experience and a diverse expertise to provide top-notch solutions. Collaborating with a team of skilled SEO experts, we collectively work on various projects.

  • Improve your business ROI with my tailored SEO services
  • Rest assured, I guarantee an improvement in your website's current ranking.
  • Use the power of advanced SEO techniques to increase your online presence and searchability.
  • Tailor-made local SEO strategies are created for businesses of all sizes, ensuring targeted impact
  • My white hat SEO services will help you beat your competitors.
  • Outdo your competitors with my ethical white hat SEO services, experience a competitive edge and increase traffic to your business website with my expertise.
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Who is the top SEO expert in Bangladesh?

The answer is that Shakil Ahmmed is the top SEO expert in Bangladesh, with over a decade of experience, is the leading SEO expert in Bangladesh. Renowned for achieving top rankings for clients, he is a respected writer and trainer in SEO and digital marketing, recognized by national and international media, establishing himself as a prominent figure in Bangladesh's SEO industry.


Till now, I've accomplished over 140 SEO projects for numerous global companies. If your main objective is Organic Ranking, consider seeking services from an experienced professional like me.

Notably, among the 140 projects, I've proudly collaborated with at least 40 Bangladeshi companies, a testament to my expertise as an SEO expert in Bangladesh.




happy clients


happy clients


Benefits of hiring an SEO expert in BD

By now, I'm certain you've gained some understanding of what SEO entails. Moreover, you've likely discovered the significance of exploring the SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh.

Yet, you might lack a concrete understanding of the advantages SEO can offer your business. Without such insight, it's evident that you're unaware of how your competitors are surging ahead due to investing in premier SEO services from the leading SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Allow me to outline the top six benefits of engaging an SEO specialist in Bangladesh:

An SEO expert based in Bangladesh possesses a deeper understanding of the local market, culture, and language, enabling them to customize the SEO strategy accordingly. This localization enhances the effectiveness of targeting the local audience.

SEO represents a cost-effective marketing strategy that can yield long-term benefits. Engaging an SEO expert can lead to higher rankings and increased traffic without the need for costly advertising campaigns.

An SEO expert in Bangladesh can fine-tune your website for local search, guaranteeing its appearance in pertinent local search results. This can lead to heightened visibility and traffic from potential customers in your vicinity, thereby boosting your business's local presence.

Employing an SEO consultant can enhance communication with local clients and customers, as the expert will be fluent in the local language. This fluency facilitates better understanding and responsiveness to local inquiries, thereby improving overall customer engagement.

An SEO expert in Bangladesh can offer insights into the local competition, aiding in the development of a more effective SEO strategy to maintain a competitive edge.

A local SEO expert can optimize your business listings across local directories, guaranteeing accurate and consistent business information across all platforms. This can lead to enhanced local search visibility and foster greater customer trust in your business.

Why hire Shakil Ahmmed – The best SEO specialist in Bangladesh?

Engaging the top SEO specialist in Bangladesh is essential for achieving your business objectives. As an experienced SEO professional in Bangladesh, I am committed to assisting you in reaching your business goals.

  • I understand the crucial role SEO services play for Bangladeshi companies. Leveraging my years of experience in the SEO sector, I can guarantee you the finest SEO service in Bangladesh.
  • I consistently maintain transparency with my clients, discussing nearly all aspects that I propose to implement on their website. This ensures clarity and fosters trust in our partnership.
  • I don't solely focus on enhancing my clients' websites' search engine rankings. Instead, I strive to implement strategies that contribute to overall business improvement. My approach emphasizes delivering value rather than merely pursuing monetary gain.
  • My passion for SEO is ingrained in me; it feels like SEO courses through my veins. This is why I continuously stay updated with Google Algorithm Updates through ongoing SEO experiments.
  • My SEO results speak volumes. I ensure my clients stay informed by delivering weekly or monthly reports, enabling them to track the progress of our SEO projects. These updates elucidate the advancements achieved through my white hat SEO strategies.
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Testimonials from my clients: Genuine Feedback, Tangible Outcomes

Bang Jin Group partnered with Shakil Ahmmed to enhance our website design and organic SEO. We were genuinely impressed by the swift progress achieved in just 50 days of collaboration. Working with an expert of his caliber has been a stroke of luck, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership in the future.

Bang Jin Group

Bang Jin Group

Bang Jin Group

I am pleased to share my review regarding the Ireland Local SEO services offered by Shakil Ahmmed. Speaking on behalf of the marketing department at cork bicycle zone @ a to z shop, I must emphasize our utmost satisfaction with Shakil Ahmmed services. He has surpassed our expectations in every aspect. His profound understanding of fostering an authentic and organic presence on YouTube is commendable, and his dedication to our project was evident right from the outset.

cork bicycle zone

cork bicycle zone @ a to z shop

cork bicycle zone

Clipping Homes has forged a valuable alliance with Shakil Ahmmed and his esteemed company to oversee our organic SEO endeavors. Upon enlisting his expertise, we witnessed remarkable strides within the first four months. This initial success has led to a fruitful ongoing partnership spanning two years. Throughout our collaboration, Shakil Ahmmed has demonstrated an exceptional ability to elevate Clipping Homes online presence by successfully ranking all keywords.

Clipping Homes

Clipping Homes

Clipping Homes

After a gradual process, their ranking on Google increased. Leads are also promising. The SEO Works is full of strategic marketing specialists. They're personable and responsive.

Clipping Path Rex

Clipping Path Rex

Clipping Path Rex

FAQ Frequently asked question

Exactly, you've summarized it well. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indeed the practice of enhancing both the quality and quantity of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. This is typically achieved by optimizing various aspects of a website, such as its content, structure, and HTML code, to make it more appealing to search engine algorithms. The ultimate goal is to improve the website's visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby driving more organic (unpaid) traffic to the site.

Hiring an SEO expert in Bangladesh can significantly boost your website's visibility and traffic. SEO specialists optimize your site to rank higher on search engine results pages, driving more organic traffic. Their expertise ensures tailored strategies for your business's online success.

A proficient SEO expert based in Bangladesh can enhance your business by refining your website and content to elevate your search engine ranking and online visibility. They craft and implement a customized SEO plan aligned with your business objectives and audience, driving increased website traffic and fostering lead generation and sales.

SEO is a sustained approach demanding patience and steadfastness. Typically, it may take several months to witness substantial outcomes from an SEO initiative. Nevertheless, the timeframe is subject to fluctuation, influenced by variables such as industry competitiveness, content quality of the website, and the efficacy of the SEO tactics employed.

The pricing for SEO services in Bangladesh can fluctuate based on factors like project complexity, the proficiency of the SEO specialist, and the scope of services offered. It's crucial to collaborate with an SEO expert who offers clear pricing and a comprehensive breakdown of included services within their package.

Certainly, SEO cannot ensure a top position in search engine results pages. Due to the dynamic nature of search engine algorithms and various influencing factors, rankings are unpredictable. Nonetheless, SEO endeavors can enhance a website's visibility and relevance, gradually improving its chances of attaining higher rankings in search results.

Shakil Ahmmed unquestionably stands out as the premier SEO expert in Bangladesh. His extensive expertise in both Local SEO and Technical SEO has established him as an eminent figure in the SEO landscape. He garners admiration and followership from veterans and newcomers alike in the SEO industry.

Shakil Ahmmed is renowned as the top white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh. His ethical methods and strategies have demonstrated exceptional efficacy in website ranking. With his techniques, sustained first-page rankings on Google are assured, ensuring long-term visibility and success for websites.

Shakil Ahmmed , an accomplished SEO Consultant in Bangladesh, presently holds the position of CEO at SEO Expate Bangladesh Ltd and concurrently serves as an best As the best corporate leader provides guidance to various company executives.